Calling all 
“Women of a Certain Age” 

Are you ready?  Ready to move from Distressed to De-Stressed, from Reactive to Interactive, from Chaos to Calm?  Are you ready for a MenoMorphesis?  


                            ...for the woman not ready to Pause.

What is MenoMorphesis

MenoMorphesis is  guidance in understanding the process of peri and menopause and the tools to help move from the period of life that is procreation into the phase that is pure creation.

MenoMorphesis is education to support a different understanding of the value of the phase of life that you are in and with it tools (ie stress reduction, nutrition, toxin free living and sacred self care) to move into the creative process in an organic and individual way.

MenoMorphesis is the reclaiming of the vitality and joie de vivre that is your birthright!

Are you looking for your MenoMorphesis?

Download the Guidelines to Aging Gracefully to Get Your Groove Back!

© Anita McCombs