Did you know “poisoning” makes the Top 10 List of Safety Hazards in the home? That includes medications, paint, household cleaners, personal care products, and laundry products.  

Our homes should be a place where we feel safe, a place where we can go take refuge from the toxic world around us. The products we bring into our homes should not threaten that safety, but sadly, some of them do. 

If it was possible to reduce those potential hazards, would you want to know how?

I want to give you instant access to ways you can identify those hazards in every room of your home and simple ways you can make a change! 

Once we identify those hazards and pick out the things that need to go, I will also help you discover what can be used as a safe (and affordable) replacement!

PLUS, I have a handy checklist for you to use to make the job even easier!

I want to see your home be the safe place it should be. I want to share the things I’ve learned and the info I’ve gathered so we can take this journey together to a happier, healthier home. You with me?  

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Hola, Bon jour, Ciao!!       I am Anita, 

a been- there, done -that, rising from the ashes of the old way of thinking kind of gal. 
I am here to say that the way our culture views aging, wellness and menopause is outdated. Aging no longer inevitably equals decline! FORGET the story that after a "certain age" you lose vitality, beauty or even life purpose. With the right support, the years in advance, during and after menopause can be some of the most exciting, creative fulfilling years of your life. Combining years of experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Breathwork coach, and Aroma Wellness Practitioner, I have discovered  there are natural,  simple, effective and joyous ways to navigate this sometimes confusing terrain. The years of pro-creation can segue seamlessly into the years of Pure-creation.  Have I piqued your interest.....learn more!

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